Funding & Fees

Nursery Funding

3 & 4 Year Olds

15 hours – Every child is entitled to claim nursery funding for 15 hours a week, spread over 2 days or more, from the funding period after their 3rd birthday. We do not charge top up fees. If your child does 15 hours or less, they will not be charged. Any hours above these 15 hours will be charged at £6.90 per hour.

30 hours – We offer the governments extended 30 hours free childcare to eligible working families. Due to our weekly opening hours, we can offer up to 27.5 hours nursery funding to eligible children from the funding period after their 3rd birthday.

We do not specify when the free hours are taken. You may use more than one setting, but your child cannot have more than 15 or 30 hours (depending on your eligibility) free per week in total. The free entitlement is for 38 weeks a year.

2 Year Olds

We are a part of the Hampshire Early Years Funding scheme that allows eligible children to receive free early years education from the term after their second birthday. To review the eligibility criteria then please visit the Hampshire County Council Children Services website.

Pupil Premium

If your child is 3 or 4 years old and eligible, then Little Fishes may be able to claim Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) on their behalf. The premium can be spent on supporting the development, learning and care of children.

The criteria are similar to that of funded 2 year olds. If you believe your child is entitled then please speak to us.

Fees & Invoicing

From April 2022 fees will be charged at £6.90 per hour. We will issue an invoice at the start of each term based on the sessions requested, clearly deducting any government funding. We will also ask you to complete the parent form for funding if applicable. We ask that payment of the invoice is prompt. We accept cash, cheque, bank transfer and most childcare vouchers. We also accept various childcare vouchers and are signed up to the Government Tax-Free Childcare Service.

Please note that we require half a term’s notice or half a term’s fees if you withdraw your child from the Nursery School or reduce the number of hours that they attend.